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Just Start at “A” !!

For many, the word telemarketing equates to "cold calling" and let's be up front about it, cold calling is a tough gig however experienced you are at it. However, here's the good news. You never need to make a cold call again-ever. Old school sales training told us telemarketing is a numbers game. Just make more calls and more things will happen, more sales appointments, more sales leads, and ultimately more sales revenue. There is an element of truth in that way of thinking and many telemarketing companies will indeed agree that increased activity generally equals increased sales. The numbers game philosophy however was born in the days when a sales manager woul...

Do all telemarketing companies work in the same way?

In a word no. The world of telemarketing is mix of different types of provider working under a variety of business models. The secret from a buyers perspective is to partner with a firm that "feels" like the best fit for your product/service and company culture and philosophy. After all, whoever has the phone in their hand calling on your behalf effectively also has your reputation in their hands too, so it pays to do you homework and take your time when selecting who to go with. Telemarketing companies can range from an outfit with 10 or less people possibly working on a remote model where the people actually making the calls are not necessarily based in the same p...

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